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Defeat of Sinn Féin childcare motion is “hugely disappointing”

THE new coalition government has come under fire from a local deputy for failing to support a childcare motion that would cut fees by 66% reduction over the lifetime of the administration. Deputy Violet-Anne Wynne has described the defeat of a Sinn Féin childcare motion in the Dáil last week as “hugely disappointing” and an example of the “same old politics”. If the Sinn Féin Childcare motion had passed, Deputy Wynne outlined the proposals would have seen weekly childcare fees reduced by 13% over the course of the first year and by 66% over the course of the lifetime of the government. The current average weekly cost for one child in full time childcare is €184.36, therefore a reduction of 13% would be to €160.39 per week and by 66% would be to €62.68 per week. The Sinn Féin Deputy said their motion presented the government with a chance to be ambitious to respond to the cries from childcare providers, …

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€12,116 Wynne windfall for West Clare Charity

A West Clare charity has received an unexpected windfall of €12,116 following the transfer of funds owed to another charitable organisation by General Election poll topper, Violet Anne-Wynne. John Lynch of John Lynch and Company Solicitors, Newcastle West, has transferred a payment of rent arrears owed by Deputy Wynne following her eviction from a Rural Resettlement Ireland house to their solicitor, John Nolan. On receipt on these funds, RRI founder, Jim Connolly decided to donate this money to the West Clare Cancer Care Centre in Kilkee as the RRI no longer exists. Last February, Mr Connolly proposed that Deputy Wynne should make a donation of €12,000 to charity in view of the fact she will earn an annual salary of €96,189 and is now a Dáil legislator. Deputy Wynne and her partner John Montaine were asked to respond to a claim notice issued by RRI for the sum of €12,126 being the amount of four years’ rent arrears of rent …

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deputies zoom in on constituents

CLARE’s five Oireachtas members are now using new methods of communication such as the Zoom application during the national lockdown as a result of Covid-19 regulations Traditional tried and trusted methods such as meetings constituents in a bar or community centre in towns and villages throughout Clare are a non-runner due to new social distancing requirements. However, Clare deputies and Senator Martin Conway insist they are still busy dealing with constituents queries and concerns, Deputy Joe Carey told the Clare Champion he is very busy as he is now the only government deputy after Minister of State, Pat Breen failed to get re-elected after the recent General Election. The Clarecastle Deputy said he is receiving a lot of communication from employers, business groups and individuals concerning the impact of Covid-19 via the phone, email and social media platforms like Facebook. If people want to contact him through applications such as Zoom, he is available to use this form of communication, …

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