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Declan parks the bike after African adventure

QUIN adventurer Declan McEvoy is back home now, having finished his African expedition a few weeks early, with problems at various border crossings leading to him cutting it a little short. Declan, who described himself as being on the fifth stage of a ‘Round the World by Motorbike’ adventure arrived in South Africa in early October, and began working his way north. Ultimately he would reach Zambia, not as far as he had hoped for as bureaucracy was very difficult to negotitate, but he is in a good position for when he gets back to his trusty bike. “I normally do these motorcycle trips over about ten weeks but I just came up against a lot of border closures and was finding it difficult to move. I finished up in Zambia and decided to store the motorcylce with the Irish embassy there. “Where Zambia is positioned, next year I could come up along the east coast, or maybe the west …

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Riding the road less travelled

Quin man Declan McEvoy on the freedom, fears and challenges of his 5,000 mile motorcycle trip around Africa AN ADVENTURE addict from Quin is back on his motorbike with the easing of travel restrictions and making his way up the continent of Africa, a journey of around 5,000 miles. Declan McEvoy set a new Guinness World Record, just before the pandemic, when he rode across a frozen Lake Baikal. He now describes himself as being on Stage 5 of a ‘Round the World by Motorbike’ adventure. After arriving in Johannesberg in South Africa on October 7, with his beloved bike, Declan began the process of getting to the most southerly point of the African continent. At Cape Agulhas on October 18, he pointed his bike north and has been carefully plotting his course back home ever since. This journey, like many other of Declan’s has been fraught with challenges and hitches – both mechanical and bureaucratic. He admits some of …

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Quin’s Declan McEvoy To Take On Siberian Ice Challenge

QUIN man Declan McEvoy has always been a big dreamer. One of his mantras is “if your dreams don’t scare you, maybe they’re not big enough”. However, his next endeavour, which he plans to complete in March, will make the hairs stand on the back of your neck. Cooly and calmly he reveals, “I am going to attempt to ride a motorcycle on ice crossing 636km of frozen Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, in mid-winter Siberia”. If he completes this solo ice ride, he will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records but with temperatures expected to be -20° Celsius by day and -30° by night, and storms and freezing fog to contend with, this is no walk in the park. The idea came to him two years ago, when he was on the second leg of a round the world solo motorcycle trip. His journey took him to the shores of Lake Baikal in …

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