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Deer cull figures revealed

DEER cull figures for Clare have been released, amid ongoing concerns over a rapid increase in their numbers in rural parts of the county. Data secured by the Irish Deer Commission show that 1,844 deer were officially culled in Clare in a 12-month period to February 2022. The true figure, the Commission believes, is likely to be higher when deer poaching and road kills are included.  “The actual deer cull is likely to be significantly higher as the cull total does not include wild deer killed illegally known as deer poaching, nor does the total include the growing number of deer killed on our roads,” Damien Hannigan a spokesperson for the Irish Deer Commission said. “Over the last five years over 200,000 wild deer were culled in Ireland under licence from the National Parks and Wildlife Service [NPWS] and highlights the important role licensed deer hunters play in managing deer at sustainable levels to minimise negative impacts on farming, forestry, …

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Deer hunting licence delays prompts concern over farm and forest damage

DEER are said to be causing significant damage to farms and forests in East Clare, with the pandemic being blamed for a slow-down in the processing of permits for hunters, five weeks into open season. Concerns have also been raised about the ongoing issue of illegal deer hunting, which a major conservation and management organisation described as a recurring problem in the east of the county. “There are landowners in East Clare who might go out to find 30 to 40 deer on their grazing,” said William Shortall of the IFA  said. “As the population of deer expands, they’re competing for food and that’s what drives them into grassland areas and tillage. What we need in the long term is an agency with responsibility for the overall management of deer, who will be able to put effective plans in place to control their numbers. We’re entering the rut now, where stags move off their territory in search of females, so …

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