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Bright outlook for county Clare economy in 2023

DESPITE the very high level of inflation seen over the last year, the economic outlook is still quite strong as 2023 begins. While lay-offs in the technology sector have raised concerns, Joe Robbins of Careerwise Recruitment feels those are not reflective of the overall health of the local and national jobs market. “We’re still effectively at full employment. We’re still finding it very hard to find people at all levels. I think we’re very lucky that we have a very diverse economy. “The technology companies are down right now and they’re letting a lot of people go, but if these people can migrate into the medical device/pharma-type companies then there are loads of opportunities still. It’s very buoyant right now.” While inflation is very high, in many cases workers have seen their incomes rise significantly. “Because it’s such a competitive economy the wages have increased. It’s a messy environment as well, people might have two or three opportunites to change …

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