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New year pledge for BreastCheck

Councillor Mary Howard is asking the women of County Clare to make a potentially life-saving new year’s resolution by attending BreastCheck appointments when called. Councillor Howard recently attended BreastCheck in Ennis and noted the poor turnout of people who had appointments to attend the service. She said the poor attendance raises questions over the sustainability of the BreastCheck service in the town, something which was hard fought to introduce in 2010. “The five appointments prior to me never showed up. I was talking to the nurse after my appointment and I realised the next person hadn’t come in either,” Councillor Howard noted. She later learned that out of 45 appointments that day, only 12 showed up and as recently as Friday, December 22, only half of the scheduled appointments turned up for screening. Councillor Howard outlined that while she was at the service, an unexpected visitor came into the BreastCheck team. “While I was there, a lady came in to …

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Paint it Pink for breast cancer

Early detection, more personalised treatment and more knowledge about the causes and risk factors behind breast cancer mean that more people are surviving the disease than ever before. That’s the message for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, as the Irish Cancer Society looks back over 40 years to see the advances that have been made in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship associated with this disease. Forty years ago the outlook for a breast cancer patient was vastly different from today. In 1976, almost half of women diagnosed with breast cancer died from the disease. Today, survival rates for breast cancer have increased to 85% over five years. As part of the Irish Cancer Society’s Paint it Pink campaign, taking place throughout October, people across Ireland are encouraged to raise vital life-saving funds that will support our continued investment in breast cancer research, advocacy and services. People can raise funds by hosting a pink coffee morning or event – …

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BreastCheck’s timely reminder to women

BreastCheck has reiterated the importance of women between 50 and 64 availing of a regular mammogram when invited. The programme also encourages women in the age range to make sure they are on the BreastCheck register by checking online at www.breastcheck.ie or by calling Freephone 1800 45 45 55. For those women who have never been part of BreastCheck, there is a short video about having a mammogram on the website, showing exactly what happens at the appointment. Most women aged 50-64 have had at least one free BreastCheck mammogram, and eight out of every ten women come for their next mammogram when they get their appointment. However, the overall numbers of women taking part in the programme are falling and BreastCheck is particularly concerned that women in their early 50s are becoming less likely to go for their appointment. The risk of breast cancer increases with age and it is important women aged 50-64 avail of their regular free …

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Women should avail of BreastCheck

Ennis Councillor Mary Howard is encouraging all women aged between 50 and 64 to attend their regular mammogram, when invited. “All women in this age group should ensure they are on the BreastCheck register, so they can be informed about their free check-up appointments,” Councillor Howard stated. “It’s simple, just log onto www.breastcheck.ie, to register, or Freephone 1800 45 45 55. “There has been a drop of 6% in women attending appointments over the past four years, which is worrying as a minimum of 70% attendance must be maintained to deliver the most benefit to the women screened,” she pointed out. “The vast majority of screenings are found to be perfectly healthy. Where problems are detected, early treatment greatly increases the likelihood of full recovery. Over 450,000 people have attended regular BreastCheck mammograms since the programme began. “Under this Government, there has been a major expansion of screening including Bowelscreen, screening for diabetic retinopathy and newborn deafness and cystic fibrosis. …

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BreastCheck mobile unit in Ennis

The BreastCheck mobile unit has returned to the grounds of Clare County Council in Ennis and is expected to remain at this location until December. On its last visit, close on 7,000 women availed of the free service. “Since BreastCheck first came to Clare in 2010 may lives have been saved by this simple procedure,” Councillor Mary Howard remarked. “These lives have been our mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins. However, it is important to be aware that about 20 men get diagnosed with breast cancer each year also,” she added. The Ennis councillor said women should carry out regular self examinations of their breasts and encouraged eligible participants to attend their appointment. BreastCheck – The National Breast Screening Programme encourages women aged 50 to 64 to avail of their invitation for a free breast mammogram (x-ray) in the mobile digital screening unit in Ennis. It is expected that about 10,000 women will be invited in this round, including approximately 1,800 women who …

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BreastCheck age extension welcomed

The Irish Cancer Society has welcomed the decision, outlined in Budget 2015, to make the necessary investment to ensure that BreastCheck is extended to women aged 65-69. “Since 2011, the Irish Cancer Society has been campaigning for women between the ages of 65-69 to be screened for breast cancer,” said Kathleen O’Meara, head of advocacy and communications at the Irish Cancer Society. One in ten of all breast cancers occur in the 65-69 age group. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says that quality screening mammography carried out every two years in women who are 50-69 years of age should reduce their risk of dying from breast cancer by about 35%. This means that one life will be saved for every 500 women screened. “Last month, the Irish Cancer Society highlighted the fact that extending BreastCheck to the 65-69 age group would save a minimum of 87 lives a year. We considered this to be a priority issue …

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