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Shannon overrun with rats

“RATS the size of cats” are causing issues for residents in various parts of Shannon.

This week’s meeting of the town council heard of one case where a child cannot be let play on a lawn because of the amount of vermin. The size might be a slight exaggeration but the scale of the problem isn’t.

The matter was raised by Councillor Cathy McCafferty, who called on Clare County Council to “take urgent and immediate action to address the rodent problem in Aidan and Finian Parks that is a cause of much concern for residents”.

She said several people have contacted her about the issue. “Over the summer, we had a number of complaints over the rat infestation in Aidan and Finian Parks and nothing appears to have been done.”

The independent councillor wasn’t impressed with the response shown by Clare County Council.  “I understand that one of the engineers responded to a complaint but his solution was to tell residents to keep their windows and doors closed. This is an acknowledgement that there is a problem but it is not the solution residents want or deserve.”


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