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Run on the moon in Ennis

Active Ennis is giving local people the chance to trial the world’s first Alterg anti-gravity treadmill this Friday in the town centre.

This piece of life-changing technology was engineered by NASA and as well as the fun of feeling what it’s like to walk on the moon it has the serious ability to get people moving again much sooner after illness or injury.

Users step into the treadmill, the sealed chamber inflates around their waist and fills with air. Therapists can then select a percentage of bodyweight to take off the patient by adjusting the air pressure, allowing them to move without the burden of gravity on their lower limbs.

John Carey, Duty Gym Manager at Active Ennis, the only facility in the county with an anti-gravity treadmill said: “We have been using our treadmill on a wide range of patients who have all experienced a quicker recovery time. The treadmill enables us to get our patients moving a lot sooner after injury which is key to recovering as soon as possible.

“Our patients are able to keep moving, pain free as they are not weight-bearing on the affected muscle, joint or limb which also means their fitness isn’t compromised by resting for days or weeks on end.”

The NASA engineered technology can help those recovering from surgery, illness or injury such as a stroke, MS and Cerebral Palsy or for obese patients who want to lose weight as well as for those who simply want to train harder than ever before without the risk of overuse injuries.

For some people who use the treadmill it can be the first time they’ve been able to walk again following an accident or illness.

Anyone who wants to see how the anti-gravity treadmill can benefit them is invited to try the technology at The Templegate Hotel on Friday morning or at the Active Ennis car park from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

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