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Putting the brakes on speeding

SPEEDING in the Gort Road Business Park is set to come to a halt with plans by Ennis Town Council to install ramps.
Clare County Council and Ennis Town Council have been engaging with representatives of the Gort Road Business Park Action Committee in a bid to address issues at the park, a major employment location in the town.
At a recent meeting of Ennis Town Council, councillors were informed of plans to install ramps similar to those recently installed at Ennis Golf Club.
Ger Dollard, Ennis Town Manager outlined that the primary issue addressed in meetings between business park representatives and the local authorities related to the Flood Relief Scheme. The scheme was instigated to deal with issues experienced during the severe flooding in November 2009 when overflow from Lough Girroga resulted in severe flooding at the park. It is now complete, has been tested and is operating satisfactorily.
Mr Dollard explained, “During the discussions, an issue was raised regarding the speed of traffic within the park. The park includes businesses of an industrial and retail nature. It is also home to the dog pound and St Joseph’s Training Centre. The variety of uses results in significant volumes of vehicular traffic, much of which is of a short term nature.
“Following consultation with the Gort Road Action Committee, a proposal was agreed from the provision of ramps internally in the estate. The roads in the estate are public roads and form part of the road schedule of Clare County Council.”
Ennis Town Council, as the road authority for the area published a traffic-calming scheme including the installation of speed cushions at three points at the junction to the rear of the estate, primarily serving Essilor and the recycling centre.
No formal submissions were received during the public consultation period in January and February of this year. However, the initial proposal was changed following interaction with the Gort Road Action Committee, and a detailed consultation with staff on the estate in relation to the proposal to install traffic control measures.
“It has been pointed out that the cushion installation could be very severe and could lead to long delays as well as damage to vehicles. In most cases, the preference was to favour ramps similar to those on the northern entrance to the business park. It is accepted that speed needs to be reduced on the corner and junction involved and that rounded ramps should be capable of achieving this,” stated Mr Dollard.
The scheme also provides for appropriate signage and road markings. Funding for the project is a matter for Clare County Council in conjunction with the Gort Road Business Park Action Committee.
Clare County Council and Ennis Town Council have also been involved in upgrading areas on the park including road resurfacing, road markings and public lighting.


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