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Play set to highlight the homeless

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Efforts to bring the homeless issue to the Ennis stage are “just around the corner” as a play of the same name has been written and is to be produced by a group established to help the homeless.

Just Around The Corner has been written by HELP founder, Josephine O’Brien, with the assistance of playwrights based in Dublin, and tells the story of two men, one who is homeless at the outset of the play and the other who falls into homelessness. Two men, who lived rough for a period and had been homed in the last two years with the assistance of HELP, have indicated their interest in taking parts in the play.
The three-act play tells the story of a wealthy accountant who, at the outset of the play, ignores and dismisses a homeless man living rough just around the corner from his door. The accountant is critical of the homeless man’s circumstances and is quick to pass judgement about his unemployed status.
However, as the play continues the tides turn and soon it is the businessman who falls on tough times, losing his job, family and his home. While destitute and living on the street himself, the accountant forms a friendship with his new neighbour, just around the corner, and soon realises he has more in common with this man than he initially thought.
The play is full of light-hearted exchanges between the two, who share plenty of laughs in their journey from rags to riches.
A call has been issued by HELP to drama groups or those interested in theatre who may want to get involved in the project.
It is anticipated that the play will be staged in Ennis around Easter and anyone interested in getting involved should contact Josephine O’Brien on 085 1232863.


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