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Planning sought to extend business park

AN extension of planning permission is being sought for the demolition of two houses and the construction of an industrial development in the townlands of Caherteige and Drumgeely.

The development would be an extension to the Western Business Park and the application has been made by Joe Delaney.

The application gives a projected commencement date of August 10 of 2016 with the works expected to be completed by April 20 2018.

While planning permission was granted in 2008 for the development, the application states that the works have not currently commenced and won’t commence before the expiry of the current permission.

The original planning report, carried out in 2008, outlined where the site is. “The site of 2.73Ha is located along a third class road north of the Shannon Western Business Park, across the road from the under-construction West Park development and the Schwarz Pharma site. The land to the north of the site is part of a Red Zone extending out of Shannon Airport which lies to the south and west of the subject site.”

It stated that the industrial units and office accommodation would come to 12,576 square metres in size. There would also be 263 car-parking spaces.

More than 20 conditions were attached to the original grant of planning, and one stipulated that no more than 600 people could be employed at the site, given its size. “In accordance with the Draft Guidelines on Public Safety Zones, the maximum number of employees on the subject site shall be under 110 per 0.5ha, ie 600 persons.”

Another condition was that a sizeable development contribution be paid. “Prior to the commencement of development the developer shall pay a contribution of €407,291.20 to Clare County Council (Planning Authority) in respect of public infrastructure and facilities benefiting the development.” This condition also stated that the contribution had been calculated in accordance with the Council’s prevailing Development Contribution, and that this was set to rise from the start of the following year.”

A requirement was also included for a payment of almost €200,000 towards roads in the area. “Before development commences a Special Development Contribution shall be paid to Clare County Council towards the upgrading of the adjoining road network to accommodate this development. The contribution payable will be based on the contribution rate applicable at the time of payment and the rate in existence.” At the time the amount was €199,292.64.

It also stated that full details of each future occupier of the units would have to be submitted to and agreed in writing with the planning authority prior to them occupying the unit.

The development will consist of a number of buildings, most of them subdivided on a triangular-shaped piece of ground. The initial planning application was made in 2006, which will mean 12 years would have passed by the time the development finished, should the extension be granted and the targets in it adhered to.


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