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‘Patriotism’ encouraged for Kilrush shops

Kilrush town councillor Tom Prendeville is urging people in the town and throughout the region to shop in Kilrush and help to protect local jobs.

In a motion, which will be moved at this Thursday’s meeting of Kilrush Town Council, the Cappa town councillor will urge the town council’s marketing team to work with Kilrush Chamber of Commerce in encouraging West Clare consumers to shop in the town.
With two multinational supermarkets located on the Ennis Road, along with a range of retail outlets in Francis and Henry Street, Councillor Prendeville feels that people are availing of lower prices and increased choice in recent months.
“I have never seen so many people shopping in Kilrush. Prior to this, we found that a lot of people were maybe moving further afield and were bringing their commercial activities to Ennis and Limerick. But now I feel that people are shopping locally because the range of goods has increased, while the value of goods certainly has dropped, with the increase competition in West Clare,” the Fianna Fáil town councillor suggested.
He believes that jobs will be saved if people confine their spending to the town.
“It is quite noticeable that there is a very strong feeling of practical patriotism in West Clare. We find that West Clare people are confining their shopping to West Clare.
“The whole idea is that we protect local jobs and I think the slogan that we’ve used, ‘Keep Kilrush in business by keeping business in Kilrush’, needs to be adopted by the locals and I think in the main it is, particularly in the light of the economic recession. We have to take care of one another and never more so than now,” he said.
Councillor Prendeville maintains that local consumers are aware that there are benefits for themselves as well as the local economy if they keep their business in West Clare.
“I think people are saying that this is one way that we can help the economy. This is a way we can sustain local business and also protect local employment. For that reason alone I think people have decisive thinking. I think there’s a big spin-off for commercial businesses but also for the consumer.
“The whole idea is to ensure that we protect and sustain local employment. To hold on to what we have and I think in the main we’re doing that,” Councillor Prendeville concluded.


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