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Scariff is among six parts of the county where funding for the enhancement of streetscapes is being made available.

Outdoor summer prompts calls to provide more bins

CALLS for more bins at beauty spots in East Clare have been made as the so-called ‘outdoor summer’ gets into full swing after the Bank Holiday weekend.
Addressing the most recent meeting of the Killaloe Municipal District, two members appealed for a boost to waste management facilities as staycationers flock to the east of the county.
Councillor Tony O’Brien welcomed an official response to a motion he tabled, calling for new bins in Killaloe town and for Council resources to service them.
“I’m glad to hear that work is in progress and that new bins are to be procured for Killaloe,” he said.
“I would hope that action is taken sooner rather than later. People are concerned locally and the fact is there’s no point in having more bins without resources to make sure that they are emptied and maintained.
“This is particularly important at weekends. The existing bins are filling very quickly at the moment.”
The motion was seconded by Councillor Pat Burke, who made a similar request in relation to bins for Scariff.
He noted the positive response to Councillor O’Brien’s motion. Referring to the response to his own motion, which said that the condition of bins in Scariff is to be assessed in the coming weeks, Councillor Burke said: “There’s welcome news for Councillor O’Brien, but curious as to why I couldn’t get the same positive reply for Scariff.
“A lot of great work has been done in Scariff in providing the new paths. To facilitate those works, two bins were taken out. These now need to be repaired or replaced.”
Responding to the councillor’s concerns, Morgan Lahiffe, Senior Executive Officer (SEO) said the local authority is keen to support efforts to keep Scariff tidy.
“A condition survey will be done on the existing bins in Scariff,” he told the meeting. “Scariff Tidy Towns are very active in keeping the town clean and we want to support them. If the bins need to be changed, they will be.
“Works had been done in Killaloe and that meant the bins needed to be changed. The aesthetic of our towns is very important. I can assure Councillor Burke that if the bins in Scariff need to be changed, that will happen.
“The condition assessment will be carried out in the coming weeks and that will tell us more about what is needed.”
Councillor Joe Cooney gave his full support to both motions. “Bins are vitally important,” he said.
“We are aware of the constraints and some bins have had to be removed due to the amount of domestic rubbish being put into them and that’s an awful pity.”
Councillor Alan O’Callaghan said he too supported the motions. “Aesthetics are important,” he said. “It’s vitally important that these bins are being serviced.”
Cathaoirleach of the Killaloe Municipal District, Councillor Pat Hayes also gave his support. “I would like to see new bins for Scariff in particular,” he said.
“This is issue is very much about maintenance. The bins in the park have had to be removed over the issue of domestic waste being dumped in them.
“There is new technology now in terms of how bins are designed and that can prevent large items being put in. I hope we can progress this issue in Scariff.”
Councillor Burke agreed that Scariff had previously had more bins. “There were six originally,” he noted.
“I’m not looking for anything that wasn’t already there and I thank Morgan and Niamh for their commitment to look into this matter.”
In response to Councillor O’Brien’s motion, an official response from Niamh Madden, Senior Executive Engineer said: “The Killaloe Municipal District is in the process of procuring new bins for Killaloe town.
“The servicing of the bins in Killaloe is resourced by the Killaloe Municipal District and there are no current plans to alter this ongoing maintenance arrangement.”
In response to Councillor Burke’s motion, Ms Madden’s response said: “The Killaloe Municipal District has very recently engaged with Scarriff Tidy Towns with regards to litter bins in Scarriff.
“A condition survey will be carried out on the litter bins in the town within the coming weeks and the municipal district will continue to engage with the Tidy Towns Committee with regards to any future proposals for litter bins in the town.”

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