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Never leave your dog in a car in hot weather.
Never leave your dog in a car in hot weather.

Never leave your dog in a hot car

With the current heat wave showing no signs of abating, Škoda are highlighting the dangers of leaving your pets in a car in hot conditions.

Even a few minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog. A car’s interior can reach 47 degrees in an hour when the outside temperature is 22 degrees. If it rises to 26, a car can reach 37 degrees in just 10 minutes. Such temperatures can prove fatal to a dog in under 20 minutes.

You can take precautions to keep your dogs safe on a hot day:

  • Never leave your dog in a car in warm weather, even if it feels cool outside.
  • Don’t excessively walk or over-exercise your dog.
  • Avoid walking your dog at the hottest time of the day – often morning or later in the evenings can be cooler.
  • Always take plenty of water with you when out with your dog.
  • Make sure your dog has shade to cool off in, either inside or when out.
  • Take your dog to the groomers and keep their fur clipped.
  • Dogs can get sun burned, especially white dogs or those with little hair, so try and keep them out of direct sunlight and apply pet sunscreen when out and about.
  • Think twice about any car trips with your dog – avoid congested roads or busy times of day when they could overheat in the car if you are caught up in traffic.
  • If driving with your dog plan your journey considering cooler times of the day and places to take breaks. Make sure to have plenty of water for your dog.

This year, Škoda entered into their sixth year of partnership with Dogs Trust and continue to highlight dog welfare, particularly in hot weather.

They are now embarking on a national print and radio advertising campaign to highlight these dangers.

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