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Fairy godfather comes to the rescue. Cllr Mary Howard creator of the Fairy Trail at Lee's Rd, John O'Sullivan Park with Martin Tuohy. Once Martin heard about the destruction of the fairy post box on the trail he offered to create a new one. This new post box was installed by Martin this week. Photograph by John Kelly

Magic back on Lees Road fairy trail as new post box is delivered

FAIRY magic is returning to Ennis thanks to local efforts to restore a beloved children’s attraction recently destroyed by vandals.
Last week The Clare Champion detailed how a fairy post box, part of the popular Active Ennis John O’Sullivan Lees Road fairy trail was smashed beyond repair in an act described as “heartbreaking”.
We can now reveal that a brand new fairy post box has been installed along the trail, and is now open for children to write their letters to the magical folk who live along the woodland looped walk.
The pretty new post box featuring images of fairies, dragonflies and butterflies has been created by Ennis’ Martin Tuohy.
Councillor Mary Howard, who initiated the idea for the fairy trail said she is delighted that Martin stepped in to build a new post box for the children.
“On foot of the publicity regarding the fairy post box being destroyed a local man, a neighbour of mine Martin Tuohy offered to make a new one.
“I’m delighted to say we have installed it so children can start posting their little letters again to the fairies, with their little stories and their news.
“I just want to say a huge thank you to Martin for doing this. He got in touch immediately when he heard what had happened. I hope the boys and girls that go to the fairy trail now can enjoy this new post box, which adds to the experience for them,” she said.
The councillor added she was “heartened” at the positive response from the public and offers of support when news of the destruction emerged.
The original post box had contained many letters written by youngsters to the fairies when it was destroyed. It is believed the damage was wrought with a child’s hurley which was discovered at the scene.

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