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Kilkee Community hosts Comenius Teachers’ Exchange

n A group of visiting European teachers who came to Kilkee Community College to attend the first conference on the second year of the Kilkee Comenius project. From left; Frits Aalbregt, Netherlands, Claus Collet, Germany, Jeroen Snellens, Netherlands, Na-Young Choi, Germany, Helene Phenix, France, a placement teacher,  Theresa Donnellan, principal Cristina Billes, Germany, Damien Ganier, France, Christophe Chemin, Germany, Nathalie Kokorian, France and Jacques Van Beers, Netherlands. Photograph by John Kelly

KILKEE Community College hosted a conference of teachers from three European schools, Vlaardingen, Holland; Saarbrucken, Germany and Nantes, France as part of the Comenius Teachers’ Exchange Programme.
Nine visiting teachers spent four days in Kilkee and they included two French teachers, three Dutch teachers and four German teachers. The exchange programme focused on the teaching of languages and a review of a selected aspect of life in the host school, Critical Friends Review.
The European teachers spent time in some language classes and also had a formal meeting with parents, students and teachers in the school. Mrs Theresa O’Donnellan, principal Kilkee Community College, greatly appreciates the co-operation of students, parents and staff that contributed to the success of the conference.
Niall Williams, author and teacher of English at Kilkee Community College, conducted a workshop with the language group in the school.
The French teachers availed of the fine weather on the Tuesday to spend time on the Cliff Road and enjoyed a spectacular sunset. A tour of Bunratty Castle, followed by the banquet on Monday evening, was the highlight of the cultural section of the visit.
The weather played spoil sport for the visit to the Ciffs of Moher and the Burren in North Clare.
Kilkee teachers will visit each of the European schools during the current school year to complete the Comenius 2008-2010 programme.
Interestingly, Kilkee Community College has a Comenius language sssistant in for one year.
Helene Phenix, a native of Bordeaux, France, came to Kilkee Community College in early October.

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