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Keating seeks unemployment database

AT next Monday’s meeting of Clare County Council, West Clare Fine Gael Councillor Gabriel Keating will table a motion requesting the council to compile a database of unemployed skilled and unskilled workers in Clare, in conjunction with the

Departments of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and Social and Family Affairs. Councillor Keating then wants the database to be made available to companies seeking employees.
The Kilbaha man says that since his election to Clare County Council, he has identified a number of projects that have potential for job creation. One of his proposals is the potential development of a tourist centre at Loop Head Lighthouse. He has received verbal support from Clare County Council and the Commissioner of Irish Lights, who are favourably disposed towards this initiative and a feasibility study is currently being carried out into the project.
“It is not just graduates who are out of work. Many carpenters, electricians and builders have lost their jobs, following the collapse of the construction sector. Many of these young people never thought that they would be out of work and they are emigrating to Australia and elsewhere in their search of work opportunities,” Councillor Keating pointed out.
“I believe that it is essential now that we identify the various categories of people in this county who are unemployed and compile an up-to-date skills base. When this database is finalised, it should be made available to all employers and job recruiting agencies in the county,” he explained.
The Fine Gael county councillor feels that some viable action must be taken to help those who are out of work to return to the work force.
“At a time when so many young men and women are unemployed and on the breadline with huge mortgages, where there is chaos at the helm and a serious sense of despondency among our young people, it is time for a new vision and initiatives,” he suggested.
Councillor Keating pointed out that young people are again being forced to emigrate to seek employment.
“We have the highest youth population in Europe and for the first time in 15 years, we have net emigration. At the same time, we have the highest number of graduates in Europe coming out of our colleges in the 25-34 age groups and it is clear that we will lose another generation of our youngest and brightest if we do not act,” he predicted.


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