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Timmy Dooley
Senator Timmy Dooley

Irish Water ‘a never ending mess’

The proposed creation of another new database for the “ flawed water conservation grant” has been described by Clare Fianna Fáil TD Timmy Dooley “as another chapter in the never ending mess that is Irish Water.”

Data released under Freedom of Information has revealed that Department of the Environment has suggested the Local Government Management Agency could establish a new database of Irish Water customers and non-customers to be used by the Department of Social Protection to administer the grant from next year.

The Department of Social Protection is now writing to households telling them they can now apply for the grant.

Deputy Dooley said, “This whole scheme is fundamentally flawed and will do nothing to increase water conservation at all. This is all a direct result of the disastrous establishment of Irish Water and the rush to bring in water charges and install water meters. This Government have actually managed to introduce a new charge that will cost them money. Residents in Clare are appalled at the level of incompetence and mismanagement with Irish Water.

“The state is €800m worse off because of setting up Irish Water. This year alone it will actually lose €70m on water charges. This is because it is spending at least €135m on the water conservation grant, another €40m on water meter loans, €20m on billing and will only take in around €120m in
charges based on current compliance rates.”

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