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Council green light for skate park

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CLARE County Council has granted planning permission for a skate park to be built immediately adjacent to Shannon Leisure Centre to the rear of the children’s playground.

In the planner’s report, four issues were set out as significant in relation to development including the principle of development/compliance with policy, access to recycling facilities, proposed associated works and traffic safety and visual amenities.

No major problems were found in relation to any of the issues, although it was recommended that details of floodlighting be submitted to the planning authority for approval, prior to the commencement of development.

Planning was granted subject to a number of conditions. These included requirements that access to the existing recycling facilities to the rear of the site would remain unobstructed and that the existing pedestrian access to the rear of the playground also remain unobstructed.

There was also a requirement that “no alterations shall be made to public roads/footpaths/car park without the prior written agreement of the planning authority”.

Another condition is that “no sign/symbol name plate or advertising shall be erected without the prior written approval of the planning authority whether or not such development would otherwise constitute exempted development”.

Shannon Leisure Centre has been closed for renovations for some time but Councillor Patricia McCarthy, who is involved in its operation, said it is set to reopen in the coming weeks.

“We had hoped to be fully in action a bit sooner but now we would expect it to be in the next number of weeks. There were a few legal technicalities that have now been resolved. There’s not much more to be done now, just the tennis court and lighting and the skate park and the pool has to be tiled,” she commented.

She said she was pleased that permission had been given by planners for the skate park and she felt it was in a good location. “It made sense that it be incorporated and we have been told that it’s what the young people of the town want. There is one in Limerick along the quays, which is in a central area as well and it’s always being used when you pass it. It’s the same here; it’s in a fairly central place. We’re trying to meet the needs of all the young people. Some would prefer team sports and some would want a facility like this.”

Mayor of Shannon Seбn McLoughlin said the skate park would be an important addition to the town. “I’m delighted that planning has been granted and that it can go ahead. It’s a facility for young people over 12 and there’s nothing for them at the moment unless they’re a member of one of the sports clubs. This will be their area. I passed the skatepark in Limerick lately and there was a competition going on that I watched and maybe we’ll have a champion skater coming out of Shannon soon.”

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