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Edel Murphy who brings Motherland: Songs of 20th Century Women to glór Photo by Ruth Medjber

Glór concert to celebrate International Women’s Day

ENNIS’ glór will celebrate International Womens’ Day with a musical collection of iconic women and their music.

Singer, actor and musician Edel Murphy will be accompanied with a live band for the performance of MOTHERLAND : Songs of 20th Century Women on Tuesday.

Following extensive tours with Grammy winning shows Celtic Woman and Riverdance, Edel and the band will bring you through the Dustbowl of the Great Depression, into the homes of 1950s urban desperation, down streets of protest in the 1960s and into the tumult of the 21st Century.

Featuring evocative projected images alongside thought-provoking spoken word, Edel performs iconic songs of struggle and celebration from such songwriting greats as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Kate Bush, Nanci Griffith, Dolly Parton, and The Beatles.

Dick O’Riordan, of the Business Post said it was “an amazing show”

“Edel Murphy was stunning, the sharpness of her delivery was outstanding. The songs are acerbic and to the point and the backdrop of visuals was very powerful. I was blown away by it.”

Carl Corcoran, RTÉ Lyric FM said, “A poignant and socially relevant journey over a century of music. Edel Murphy owns these songs and the stage. It was a very moving experience and the musical arrangements are masterful.”

MOTHERLAND : Songs of 20th Century Women is presented by Antelope Productions and will be performed in glór on March 8. See for more.

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