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Garda checkpoints on Clare roads as sun seekers head to the coast

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CLARE motorists heading to the beach are being urged to slow down and drive with care as gardaí confirm checkpoints will be in place on roads leading to the coast.

Gardaí are also warning drivers that they face a fine and points on their licence if they are found to be driving while using a mobile phone.

There were a number of intercept speed checkpoints carried out last weekend on the routes in and out of Clare’s coastal resorts and a number of drivers received fixed charge penalty notices for excessive speed.

According to Clare’s Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Triona these checkpoints will remain in place for the coming weeks. “We want to encourage drivers to be considerate and responsible on the roads and to play their part in keeping each other safe,” she said.

“Slow down and always drive within the speed limit and at a speed appropriate to the prevailing conditions. Drivers should pay attention to the speed limit signs on all roads but especially on entering built up areas. Excessive or inappropriate speeding is a major factor in road traffic collisions.”

Almost one in four drivers check mobile phone notifications while driving, she outlined.

“The penalty for using a mobile phone, which includes supporting it with any part of your body, while driving is an automatic three points on your licence and a sixty euro fine.

“If you accumulate 12 penalty points (7 for novice and learner drivers) in a three-year period, you will be disqualified from driving for 6 months. When driving our attention should be focused on one thing only – driving safely and not on a mobile phone.”

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