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First anniversary of Laura Brennan’s passing

Today (March 20) marks the first anniversary of the death of HPV vaccine campaigner, Laura Brennan.

The 26 year old Ennis woman lost her battle with terminal cancer having emerged, during her illness, as one of Ireland’s leading patient advocates and campaigners for the HPV vaccine.

In a statement this morning on social media, the Brennan family paid tribute to their daughter and sister.

“We remember with love our daughter and sister Laura, on this the first anniversary of her passing from us. The last twelve months has seen the HPV uptake rate nationally increase from the initial drop of 51% to 80%, while in county Clare the increase has been 90%. In addition the vaccine has been extended to first year boys in secondary schools. The support from schools, sporting organisations, businesses and the media towards the HPV Jersey Campaign has exceeded 10,000,” the statement read.

“As regards the HPV vaccine, it has been extended to the UK, USA, France, Belgium, Denmark and Romania. The Coronavirus has shown the importance of vaccines and getting your information from reliable sources such as the World Health Organisation and the HSE. We wish to express our thanks to all for your support over the last twelve months. Please remember Laura in your thoughts and prayers today,” the statement from the Brennan family added.



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