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Fidget Feet's bingo-themed show HOUSE will be performed at Clare Marts.

Clare Marts to ‘HOUSE’ latest performance by Fidget Feet

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LOCAL people will be among those showcasing their talents alongside the Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre when the company brings their brand new show to Ennis next week.

Fidget Feet are bringing their new show “HOUSE” to Clare Marts, Quin Road on Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10. Ahead of the show, Fidget Feet put a call out to the people of Clare through to join them in this collaborative community spectacle with circus, theatre and drive-in bingo.

“HOUSE Open Days” is a community project that integrates local communities into the show itself and will see community part-takers dance alongside 20 experienced and talented Fidget Feet dancers in the show. According to the company this project brings people together both young and old with an integral focus on the arts, wellbeing, mental and physical health.

The show is a sequel to their hugely successful show Bingo Wings and brings its bingo fever to the 1980s Royal Broadway Parish Bingo, taking place in the Dunshinny Community Hall car-park.

People are dealing with the shocking, amazing and, frankly, bemusing breaking news that John O’Dowd of Hollywood Fame will be replacing the Royal Broadway’s stalwart bingo caller of thirty years.

In a departure from a more traditional community hall manager, Biddy Curaheen, is rumoured to have hired this award-winning actor as the new master of ceremonies for the House bingo game.
However, there is a clash of the scheduled events and activities which leads to a whirlwind of local talent and a bizarre spectacle of events.

This show is suitable for anyone from 6 to 96. From drive-in bingo to dancers flying from cranes, according to Fidget Feet, there is something for everyone and the show will bring joy to many faces.

Chantal McCormick, Creative Director & Choreographer Director and Choreographer explains, “In 2019 Fidget Feet created Bingo Wings, an award winning show. It was filled with bingo and aerial dance. We at Fidget Feet are not finished with our theme of Bingo.

“The reason Bingo is so close to my heart is because of a childhood memory of going to Bingo with my Granny and Grandad. I remember my Granny telling me I was her “lucky charm”.

“I remember feeling this sense of community, a sense of intergenerational coming together. The sense of community and fun sticks with me and that is what we want to bring with our new show HOUSE. After the past two years, we have all experienced cancellations, disappointments and not seeing our loved ones.

“As Fidget Feets creative director, I wanted to create something that would bring back the joy in a safe but fun environment for all generations to enjoy. HOUSE is like a phoenix coming out of the fires, it is our comeback. With HOUSE you can sit in your car with the radio playing, enjoy bingo with loved ones while an artistic display of dance, circus and theatre happens around you.

Of course you can walk around and get a sense of community as locals will dance with Fidget Feet performers. This show is dedicated to my mum.

“I brought my mum to drive-in Bingo during lockdown. She loved the possibility of winning something at Bingo to give to her family or save for a holiday, she loved the dancing and the fun of it all. I am making this show for everybody, to just heal after these last two years and to just have the craic,”

Chantal co-founded Fidget Feet and the Irish Aerial Creation Centre with composer Jym, her husband. In 20 years, Fidget Feet have created, established and nurtured the aerial dance sector in Ireland and created international connections and collaborations.

Over 30 shows have been created and toured in this time, ranging from indoor, outdoor, crane, and vertical dance performances around iconic Irish landmarks. Shows for young audiences, older audiences, community development, and professional development.

Establishing Ireland’s first aerial dance festival and training centre. These performances and opportunities take place throughout the country to make the art form accessible to all.

Fidget Feet have achieved this through hard work, successful partnerships with venues, educational institutes, festivals and funding bodies such as Creative Europe, and the Arts and Cultural Capital Scheme 2016.

Composer and writer Jym Daly began his musical journey at Crawford Municipal (Cork Art School). Jym toured the world for many years and left a legacy of albums.

Jym also created videos for the band and created a cartoon which ran in a national music magazine. His eclectic artistic past has now culminated in Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre, co-founded with wife Chantal.

For more on the show check www.glor.ie

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