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Improved cycle infrastructure and initiatives like family cycle days in bike week are encouraging more and more people to saddle up.

Environment-friendly resolutions for 2023

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Would you like to do something to help the climate problem in 2023? Bridget Ginnity has some suggestions, both for individual and system change actions. Pick a couple that suit your budget and lifestyle. What’s more, you might even save money too!

Transport and travel

• Drive slower and smoother
• Lift share
• Walk and cycle more
• Change to an electric car
• Think twice before you fly



• Buy less, buy wiser, buy local
• Share big items like tools/sports gear
• Reuse, repair, recycle and upcycle
• Gift experiences, not things

Home energy

• Change from open fire to stove
• Cut down or cut out use of coal, peat, oil and gas
• Reduce times and temperatures of hot water and room heating
• Improve air tightness and insulation
• Install solar panels


• Eat less meat and fish
• Reduce processed foods
• Eat sustainably produced and local food
• Plan your meals to reduce food waste
• Separate food waste into the compost bin


• Make your own compost
• Buy peat-free compost
• Stop using pesticides/herbicides

System Change

• Write, phone or talk with politicians to let them know you care
• Support changes that reduce emissions
• Give time/money/encouragement to environmental organisations
• Influence any organisations you are involved with to change
• Support and invest in climate friendly businesses

If you would like to discuss your choice of climate resolutions for 2023 with Bridget Ginnity, you can get in touch via email at

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