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Craggy CD from Dillon

SOUND designer and composer Barry Dillon from Lisdoonvarna is making waves in areas of acousmatic/electroacoustic computer music.
Dillon, who has a background in electronic engineering and computer science, received a bursary award for his sound art at the Arts & Disability Ireland Awards in 2007.
He has recently released a new CD entitled  Ten and a Half Miles from Craggy Island, where he utilises the processing techniques development in musique concrète, enhanced with the present day developments in digital signal processing, electronics and computer music of programming languages. Using both standard and experimental methods and with the aide of computers, his compositions and creations are realised entirely in the digital realm.
Some of Dillon’s previous projects include the soundtrack for a film, Strawboys, written and directed by Dermott Petty. He was also involved in a 2001 theatre production of Brian Merriman’s The Midnight Court, staged in Boston, where he wrote an electronic score for the play.
Ten and a Half Miles from Craggy Island contains nine tracks of instrumental electronic music that ranges from smooth ambient droney soundscapes to more harsher industrial noises.
The album is available from http://barrydillon.auricular.com or contact Brian directly at barrydillon2@gmail.com.

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