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Clare County Council launches ‘Oil Tank Safe Check’ campaign

Clare County Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the prevention of oil leaks from home heating oil tanks. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure homeowners know their own home heating tank and store oil safely and securely without posing a risk to water, environment or human health.
A new web resource has been developed which provides information on siting and installation of a home heating oil tank, the importance of checking for leaks and what to do if there is an oil leak or a suspected leak.
“Oil leaks seriously pollute soil and water, including drinking water. By taking action it will help reduce the risk of an oil spill and avoid difficult and expensive clean-up costs later,” said Maura McNulty, Executive Scientist at Clare County Council.
“Homeowners have a legal responsibility to ensure that oil is stored safely and securely without posing a risk to water, environment, and human health. This campaign will help homeowners meet these obligations.”
Karen Foley, Environmental Awareness Officer with Clare County Council, said the new website gives Clare people all the information they need to tackle the problem.
“This resource gives step by step information on how to reduce your risk of having an oil spill in the first instance and valuable information on what to do if you have an oil leak,” she said.
“Steps to reduce your risk of an oil leak include placing your oil tank on a level base with horizontal support, and locating the tank in an area where there is low risk of it falling over or being damaged during a storm. Steps also should be taken to protect the underground pipework line to your home from degradation. Checking for leaks is also key.
“Check for splits, cracks on your plastic tank or rust patches if you have a metal tank. Indicators of a leak include a strong smell where your tank or pipework is located. Damp oil patches underneath your tank is also an indicator of a leak. The smallest irregular leak can cause serious pollution.”
Chris Dixon O’Mara, Climate Action Officer with Clare County Council, said that regular maintenance of your boiler is important, both for the environment and for making your oil last.
“By servicing your oil tank on an annual basis you will not only reduce the risk of an oil leak but will increase the energy efficiency of your boiler and reduce fuel consumption,” he said.
“There are also more ways than ever to make your home warmer and more energy efficient like heat pumps and solar thermal systems.”
Members of the public can follow the campaign on @GreenerClare social media channels and visit the web resource here Here

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