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Councillor Johnny Flynn

Children in Clare school forced onto road by flooding issue

CHILDREN walking to a local school are being forced out onto the road due to localised flooding, writes Jessica Quinn.

Calls are being made on the local authority to carry out works over the school summer holidays to address flooding issues, and a “current road safety hazard” at Doora National School.
The Ennis Municipal District is now set to contact the school to identify their concerns.

Councillor Johnny Flynn, speaking at a recent meeting of the Ennis Municipal District urged the Council to, “carry out works over the summer school holiday period to reduce the current road safety hazard being experienced by Doora National School going children and vulnerable pedestrian road users”.

The councillor said issues of speed and volume of vehicles at that location were problematic, and that the works would also address the winter localised flooding at the location which at times forces children out onto the road carriageway.

He said that there are around 100 vulnerable road users entering and exiting the school every day and “the speed of the traffic and the volume of the traffic is very, very significant”.

He added that with more people returning to work as Covid-19 restrictions lift there are increasing numbers of vehicles on the road.

Eamon O’Dea, senior executive officer, responding to the motion stated, “The Ennis Municipal District will contact the school and identify their safety concerns.

“Doora National School made a submission to the National Transport Authority (NTA) funded school works programme but were not listed for work in 2021.

“There is a new methodology for this funding via the Green Schools programme and the NTA. The Ennis Municipal District will seek the information submitted by Doora School and see if assistance can be provided.”

The motion was seconded by Councillor Paul Murphy who said that the issue had been brought to his attention by a parent.

He said that if there is an issue of speeding along the road then people should contact the gardaí to report it. Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy said she was hopeful that there will be progress on the matter.

Councillor Pat Daly commented that the “busy road” is used a lot by school children and is also a back road between Quin and Clarecastle.

Councillor Mary Howard also voiced her support, saying there needs to be a push for a 30kph speed limit at most for schools around the county.

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