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Scariff traffic plan further advanced

WORK is to begin on the new traffic management plan in Scariff this year once the plan has been approved by Clare County Council, a meeting of the Killaloe Electoral Area Councillors has heard.Councillor Joe Cooney tabled a motion seeking an up-to-date report on the traffic management plan in Scariff and when it would be implemented. The electoral area councillors heard that one submission to the plan was received and that nothing in it required changes to be made to the plan, although there were points to be noted.The submission was made by Scariff Community Council, which made three primary observations.They noted that parking on Jones’ Road should be allowed towards the bottom half of the road, as it is proposed to make it one way. They suggested parking be allowed from Buglar’s Bow way down to the ambulance station on the left-hand side of the road heading down from the town.The community council also added that the cobblestones opposite …

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Chernobyl group aims to attract new host families

THE East Clare Chernobyl Project is holding an open night for families interested in hosting a child from Chernobyl over the summer and is inviting people across East Clare to come along to find out more about the programme.Mary Moloney, from Quin, has been involved in the project for the past 14 years and has organised the open evening at the Community Hall in Quin next Monday night at 7.30pm.The information evening aims to address and answer any concerns people might have and will explain how the process works.Mary highly recommends getting involved in the project and asks people not to be put off the programme due to the economic downturn.“I’ve been involved in it for the last 14 years. East Clare Chernobyl was set up in about 1997 and the whole idea is to take children away from the high radiation in Chernobyl. In the summer time out there, the radiation is really quite intense. They feel if they …

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Jordanian adventure for Scariff family

WE have all heard the emigration stories of young people leaving their families for more affluent countries like Australia, Canada, and the UK in search of a better life. Rarely do you come across someone to up sticks, family in tow, for the Middle East but that is just what Scariff man, Nick Grisewood, did this time last year.

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Frustrations mount over ‘inappropriate’ Quin footbridge

ARCHITECTS who proposed a design for an independent footbridge in Quin village are set to meet with council officials to discuss the feasibilty of the project. Lawrence and Long Architects had previously put forward plans for a contemporary steel bridge. However, it was decided by Clare County Council that this would be “inappropriate”. There is already approval and funding in place to develop a new footpath to faciliate pedestrians along the wall of the existing bridge.

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