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Cabinet briefing on cyber attack
Minister Denis Naughten

Cabinet briefing on cyber attack

The Minister for Communications Denis Naughten will be briefing the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Infrastructure, Environment and Climate Action on the international cyber attack incident later this afternoon.The minister will also brief the Cabinet tomorrow (Tuesday).

“There have been no further reported incidences of the ‘Wannacry2’ malware in Ireland, beyond the isolated case in a HSE funded facility in Wexford on Saturday. It is still possible that further incidences will arise and a sustained period of vigilance will be required, both in terms of updating and patching software and monitoring equipment,” he said.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment is monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis, and remains in close contact with international counterparts and with public and private sector entities in Ireland, both in terms of the dealing with the threat and taking measures to ensure that the impact of any future variants of this malware is limited. The NCSC is also cooperating with the Garda Cyber Crime Bureau and with the Defence Forces around this issue, and will bring any evidential material to the attention of the Gardai immediately.

“The NCSC has issued a series of advisory notices to Government departments and agencies over the weekend, as this issue has developed. The latest, on Monday morning, gives a detailed assessment of the malware type, and of the measures that entities might take to deal with this, as well as providing material that entities might use to inform staff of the risks that arise in this space and the general measures that they should take on a daily basis to prevent ransomware,” Minister Naughten said.

Denis Naughten will be briefing the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Infrastructure on the cyber attack incident.

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