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Artists urged to ‘just do it’

HAILING from Ennis, Laura Mulcahy, artistic director of Dhá Lámh Theatre, which presents two plays at this year’s Ennis Street Festival, is offering words of encouragement to artists in the current economic downturn not to give up and continue doing what they love.

Ms Mulcahy, who describes herself as a “social activist”, has asked artists not to rely on funding and to go ahead and do what they want to do.

“If you don’t get funding, do it anyway because in this day and age we are in hard times. Enter festivals, they’ll keep you working. Ennis Fringe will be coming up after Ennis Street Festival and start getting involved in that.”

She advised groups that regardless of what funding they receive, they need to keep themselves in work. “To all the artists out there, get out and like the Nike ad, ‘just do it’,” she advised.

Speaking from her own experience, Ms Mulcahy said she knows of many artists who fill out a form and if they don’t secure the tender, they wait for the next opportunity.

“I know people myself who fill in a form and then they don’t get funding and they say ‘oh well’. Just do it anyway because you’ll get there, with or without help.

“There are loads of ways out there. I don’t give a damn if I haven’t two pence to rub together, you’ll be hearing a lot from me that’s the way it works for me. I have to work, it’s my career. I’m not funded by the Arts Council but I’ve found funding elsewhere.

“Don’t give up, because you’re life is worth more than waiting around for a few pennies,” she concluded.


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