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CAO change of mind deadline looms

The Leaving Cert exams are over – highlighter-filled, dog-eared books thrown in a corner at home. So what’s to worry about? Well for most, nothing, we hope. However, for some, the worry of not having done as well as had been hoped brings up the question, should I change my CAO preferences? Since May 5, you may change your CAO course choices – without cost – as often as you wish, up to 5.15pm on Tuesday, July 1. The best time to do this, if at all, may be in a relaxed frame of mind a few days after your exams are over. Remember, however, to leave your course choices in order of genuine preference, regardless of what points you feel you may get. There are a few very valid reasons why this is important: 1. You have so many choices (10 Level 8 and 10 Level 7/6 choices) so as long as you believe your last few choices are …

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