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Deputy Joe Carey

Work on playground for South-East Clare communities to begin

WORK is expected to get underway this week on a long-awaited playground for communities in South-East Clare.

The facility will serve the communities of Westbury, Shannon Banks, Carraig Midhe, Parteen, Ardnacrusha and beyond

This follows representations by Clare Fine Gael TD Joe Carey to the Rural Development Directorate of Clare County Council who informed him that a resolution has been reached on a series of issues relating to the site of the new facility.

Commenting the background, Deputy Carey said that €92,500 was allocated from the Hinterland fund six years ago to develop recreational services in areas of Clare that bordered Limerick City.

Matching funding from Clare County Council brought the total up to €185,000 and a number of potential sites were considered as possible locations for a playground to serve the local communities.

“Following the scoping of these sites and the elimination of some proposed locations, a playground committee made up of local community members was formed and they began work on securing a site at the Seanchoill Sports Complex in Parteen,” Deputy Carey explained.

“Following delays in relation to site selection and changes in the committee, I am now happy to confirm that a lease and right of way has been secured from the Sports Complex and planning permission has been granted by Clare County Council to develop the playground.

“The playground committee have engaged in a tendering process and appointed a contractor to deliver the playground and it is anticipated that work will get under way this week.

“The Rural Development Directorate has assured me that they will continue to support the playground committee,” Deputy Carey said.

“This will include their application for inclusion in the playground insurance scheme, and access to funding on an annual basis through the Community Support Scheme,” he added.

The proposed development of a long-awaited new community playground on the outskirts of Parteen has already got planning permission.

Seanchoill Playground Group has been granted planning permission to construct a community playground, safety surfacing, fencing also to include footpath, a cycle path and resurfacing existing road and car park together with all associated site works at Shanakyle, Parteen subject to seven planning conditions.

The site accommodates a sports pitch and associated club house, entrance road and unmarked car park area, internal roads and footpaths.

The playground is to be located at the south eastern corner of the site to the rear of the club house/changing room facilities.

Having regard to the policies of the current County Development Plan, the planning history on site, and the pattern of development in the area including the proximity of the development to a permitted sports complex, it is considered this development would not seriously injure the amenities of the area or property in the vicinity.

One of the planning conditions stipulates the development has to be completed in accordance with the drawings and particulars received by the planning authority last April.
Where such conditions require points of detail to be agreed with the planning authority, these matters have to be the subject of written agreement and have to be implemented in accordance with the agreed particulars.

Unless where otherwise agreed in writing with the planning authority, the playground can’t become operational until all roads, footpaths, cycle tracks, surfacing road markings, signage and lighting standards located between the public road and the subject site are constructed and installed to the satisfaction of the planning authority.

This is required in the interest of orderly development, and to ensure safe site pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular access to the site.

Prior to the start of the development, the group must submit the following to the planning authority for written agreement and approval: a public lighting plan for the playground; a management plan for the site, including details with regard to the management and maintenance of the playground; proposals to address the different play needs of the toddler to under six age group and the seven to twelve age group and others in the playground’s design.

Another planning condition stipulated that surface water can’t be discharged to the public sewer or on to adjoining properties.

Site development and building works can only be carried out between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday inclusive and between 8am and 2pm on Saturdays.

A letter of consent from land owner Tom Buckley was submitted to the planning authority to allow Martin O’Regan of the Seanchoill Playground Committee to apply for planning permission.

A few years ago, Tom Buckley was given planning permission to construct an all-weather eight-lane running track, and all-weather sand based soccer playing field, car parking and associated site works at the current sports facility at Seanchoill.

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