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Former councillor Tommy Brennan who was among those to receive the biggest retirement payout.

Watery Road residents ‘dealing with a nuisance’

SCREECHING birds, chainsaws roaring, horses running loose and excessive noise are just some of the difficulties that residents in the Watery Road area of Ennis are dealing with, according to one local councillor, who has called on Clare County Council to take action.

Councillor Tommy Brennan voiced his concerns at this week’s meeting of Ennis Town Council about a number of vacant properties in the area.

He outlined that locals have complained about the excessive noise of chainsaws being used, as well as wild fowl and guinea fowl “screeching all day and all night”. He added that loose horses are being kept across the road.

Councillor Brennan described the situation as a “downright disgrace”, urging that Clare County Council, as the housing authority, deal with the matter.

He was supported by Councillor Brian Meaney, who commented that local residents are “dealing with a nuisance”.

“The situation on the Watery Road simply can’t continue. It’s an eyesore, it’s a fester. It has to be sorted out and it has to come to an end,” Councillor Meaney declared.

He added that Clare County Council should consider serving a derelict site notice on the properties.

Mayor of Ennis Mary Coote Ryan stated, “It’s very unfair on the residents”.

Councillor Johnny Flynn called on the council to write to the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, seeking legislation that would make it unnecessary for neighbours to give evidence in court in cases of anti-social behaviour.

However, Councillor Peter Considine stated, “It would be kicking the ball down the road waiting for the minister to take action”.

He suggested that local Fine Gael members contact the Government, adding, “This is a national situation. It’s not peculiar to Ennis. What’s been going on at the Watery Road has been for the last 15 years. It’s deteriorated rapidly. It’s a disgrace, people are out there looking for houses and there are houses there boarded up.”

Councillor Michael Guilfoyle urged any residents of Ennis who are experiencing anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhood to make a complaint to gardaí, while Councillor Mary Howard commented, “I don’t see how people feel they are above the law. Allowing people to live in their homes in peace is a constitutional entitlement”.

Councillor Brennan called on Clare County Council to make a full report on the issues at the Watery Road.

Town manager Ger Dollard told the meeting that a full report from Clare County Council would be available at the next meeting of Ennis Town Council.

Jessica Quinn

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