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WATCH: Film shot in west Clare screens in Kildysart at weekend

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A FILM created in collaboration with members of two west Clare communities is to be screened in Kildysart on Saturday evening.

RISING is a new film by artist William Bock which was shot on the shore of the Shannon Estuary in Kildysart and Labasheeda premieres in Kildysart Community Hall at 8pm.

The film depicts individuals and family groups as they emerge from the silt, covered in the river mud, returning back to their everyday lives.

Part documentary, part visual poem, RISING responds to local people’s changing relationship with the river over time and the environmental changes that will challenge life along its shores.

Prior to making the film, William spent a year visiting local families and individuals to learn about their connections to the river, their history and their thoughts about the future.

During his visits, William became interested in the body of silt that coats the estuary. For the artist, the silt represents the accumulated heritage of the communities reliant on the River Shannon.

Through the film, local community members worked together with William to offer a new vision of the landscape and their place within it.

William Bock is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the connections between people and the environments they inhabit.

He uses photography, painting, sound recording, performance and installation to delve into the experiences of living between cultures, landscapes and identities.

The River Residencies are funded by the Arts Council of Ireland’s Invitation to Collaboration scheme, led by Limerick Arts Office in partnership with the Arts Offices in Cavan, Clare and Tipperary.

The River Residencies are curated by Caimin Walsh and Mary Conlon at Ormston House, as part of the Museum of Mythological Water Beasts (2017-) about, along and on the River Shannon.

There will be music and refreshments after the screening.

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