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Residents fear ‘vermin’ nesting in biodiversity habitat

RESIDENTS living in an Ennis housing estate fear “vermin” are nesting in a river bank which has been left as a habitat for biodiversity.

Calls for vegetation, trees and bushes along the riverbank at Lenabeg to be cut back were made on behalf of the residents by Councillor Mary Howard at a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District.

“It is currently badly overgrown and the residents fear vermin are nesting there plus this area is being used to dump rubbish,” she said.

Responding to the motion, Tommy Scott, Senior Executive Technician, stated, “The riverbank is left to look after itself and provide a natural boundary to the river edge. It provides a habitat for all sorts of biodiversity and wildlife and is fenced off from the development.

“A river walk was built along this area as part of the development. It forms a fitting natural finish along the interface between the development and the River Fergus.”

He continued, “This area is not in charge. Queries regarding the dumping of rubbish on this private land should be addressed to the Environment section who will engage with the owner of the lands.”

Councillor Howard stated that local residents “have been great keeping the area clean and they do a lot of maintenance work”, however they are finding that the vegetation along the river bank is “seriously” overgrown with rubbish being dumped.

She said she understands that the area is a habitat, but the residents are just seeking some help in tidying the area up. The motion was supported by Councillor Paul Murphy.

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