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Trump Sons Receive Warm Doonbeg Welcome

ERIC Trump and Donald Trump Junior, the sons of United States President, Donald Trump came to Doonbeg to press the flesh on Wednesday night, and what a welcome they got.

The two businessmen went into every pub in the village and were met with rapturous applause and shouts of “welcome”, which were only heightened when they announced to the patrons that they were buying everyone a drink.

There was much anticipation throughout the town as the evening wore on that the brothers would venture into the village, as they are known to come in on occasion when they are staying in the hotel. When a group of secret service staff came to dine at Morrissey’s pub, the locals quickly gathered outside the bar and restaurant expecting the Trumps to also emerge.

It was nearly an hour before they did make their appearance and the long wait had some villagers worrying about missing ‘Love Island’, while another older gentleman commented, ‘Who are we waiting for is it the Messiah?’

When the Trump brothers came to town, they stuck to pretty much the same rhetoric everywhere they went, thanking the people for their support and expressing their love for Doonbeg.

When Donald Junior came into Comerford’s pub he stretched his arms out to deliver a “Hi guys, What’s going on. It’s good to be back, how are you guys doing?”. He was met with screaming and a rapturous welcome, welcome. Some in the crowd saying “God Bless America”, which prompted Eric Trump to say, ‘Who said that, I appreciate that’.

He then addressed those in the pub by saying, “So in every bar that we’ve gone to we’ve bought everybody drinks, so we’re buying everyone a drink, have a good time. Thanks so much you guys, the support around town has been incredible it only grows stronger. We really want to thank you for that, cause every time we come here it feels like a warm welcome, you guys are truly amazing, you’ve been the best, it’s really touching to us. Thank You. We love Doonbeg”.

He commented that the brothers had been in the pub a few times, and that they had “dragged a few people in here”, and said to Tommy Comerford, “You guys do a great job. It’s good to see you again”.

The brothers were told their father was missing out? Eric responded. “I agree”, while Donald Junior commented, “He’s had a pretty busy day, we are going to give him a bit of a break”.


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