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Traffic calming measures planned for the Turnpike

THE concerns of residents in Ennis’ Turnpike about speeding motorists have resulted in plans to develop traffic calming measures. Members of the Ennis Municipal District have agreed to a plan to install traffic calming ramps at the Turnpike Road and Limerick Road.
The works include the removal of an existing traffic calming ramp; refurbishment of two existing traffic calming ramps; installation of five new ramps and the provision of all associated signage and road markings.
A report furnished to members of the Ennis Municipal District outlines that the traffic calming measures are proposed “due to a number of concerns raised by residents in the area about traffic speeding and traffic volumes”. Following surveys a design was prepared in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, 1994 and associated Regulations, the Traffic Management Guidelines and the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets.
Four submissions were received in relation to the proposals, including one by Councillor Johnny Flynn. The councillor outlined his support for the measures, while further proposing consideration of a 30kph speed limit and a one-way system.
Responding to the submission, council engineers confirmed that the next speed limit review will consider the existing 50kph speed limit and the Ennis Mobility Plan will consider the provision of 30kph zones.
The Ennis Municipal District Office submission for the last speed limit review outlines a primary road network with 50kph speed limits and residential and high pedestrian activity areas with 30kph speed limits.  It was viewed that such proposal would require to be considered as part of a Town Mobility Plan process.
Another submission suggested moving a ramp, which was done after consideration. A further submission also called for the introduction of a one way system, however the council have stated this can only be considered as part of a Town Mobility Plan.
A final submission related to crossing points for wheelchairs and mobility scooters on Turnpike road.
“Whilst the ability to cross at a certain point existed previously due to the shape and level of the road and footpath, the ability to do the same since a recent overlay may not now be available due to the construction techniques used and the requirements to adhere to drainage routes. The crossing point referenced was not a controlled/uncontrolled crossing point. The Municipal District office will examine the potential for formal crossing points on this road going forward with a view to installation subject to funding,” the engineer’s report stated.
The report recommended the proposals under Section 38 be adopted and constructed. Councillor Flynn backed the plans saying councillors have sought various forms of traffic calming in the area over the years. Councillor Pat Daly seconded, while complimenting the council on road works to the roundabout, adding that ramps would be “very welcome”.
Councillor Mary Howard stated it is the council’s “job to ensure our citizens are safe”, saying the traffic calming will be “for the good of the whole town”. She expressed the hope that reduced speed limit zones will be put in place outside schools and hospitals. Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy complimented the residents of the Turnpike who have shown “great patience” with “the road has been in a terrible condition for a long time”. Councillor Mark Nestor said it is important to support “anything that improves road safety in the town”. Mayor of Ennis, Councillor Paul Murphy stated that the route has been an issue “for a long number of years” and he looked forward to seeing the works completed.

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