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Clare smokers looking to kick the habit can get help at free clinics in Ennis, Kilrush and Ennistymon.

Three clinics to help Clare smokers quit the habit

CLARE smokers are being encouraged to avail of one of the three local free HSE cessation clinics to quit this addiction in the New Year, writes Dan Danaher.

Three of the 18 clinics that operate throughout the Mid-West can be accessed in Ennis, Kilrush and Ennistymon.

This HSE service is free and staffed by qualified stop smoking advisers who provide one-to-one support to people who are quitting smoking or thinking about quitting.

Just over a year on from the launch of the Quit Mid West service, the HSE standard treatment programme to help people stop smoking is now available in communities right across the Mid West.

The service is available by phone, by video link and in person and is staffed by a team of qualified professionals who are all based here in the region.

The treatment support programme includes an initial assessment of nicotine-dependency, weekly support during the first four weeks of quitting, advice on using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), carbon monoxide monitoring, practical information on changing routines, managing cravings and dealing with challenging moments, acknowledging quitting success and check-ins during the first year of quitting.

For many people, quitting smoking can be difficult. With the right help, this important behaviour change for health and wellbeing can be done successfully. People can refer themselves to the service or health professionals can refer patients and service users by phone, email or on HealthLink.

It has emerged from the recent Healthy Ireland survey 44% of people who smoked in the last 12 months have attempted to quit.

Research also shows that using a stop smoking service is three times more effective than attempting to quit without assistance.

The HSE Quit Mid West service is a local and evidence-informed service serving local people’s needs, and increasing numbers of people in the Mid West who smoke are now availing of the service.

Quitting smoking is the single best thing anyone who smokes can do for their health. This is especially important in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are now more ex-smokers than smokers in Ireland and this should help give everybody who smokes the confidence to quit.

Stopping smoking results in significant financial savings for Clare smokers and their families.

There is a useful savings calculator on www.quit.ie. It also helps to reduce litter in local areas, since litter relating to tobacco-use accounts for half of all litter.

The Ennis Stop Smoking Service in HSE Slainte Office, Francis Street, Ennis, runs on Mondays for 1am to 5pm. Call 065 6865847 to book an appointment.

The Kilrush Health Centre, Fahy’s Rd, Drimna, Kilrush, hosts the Kilrush Stop Smoking Service on Wednesday mornings from 9am to 1.30pm. Contact 065 6865841.

The Ennistymon Stop Smoking Service operates from the Ennistymon Health Centre, Ennis Road, Ennistymon, on Thursday afternoons from 1.30pm to 5pm. Call 065 6865841 to book an appointment.

For more information call 065 6865841 or email quit.midwest@hse.ie

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