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Theresa measures the success of new podcast

“YOU’LL laugh, but I’m actually an introvert,” says Theresa Roseingrave, Barefield ‘newbie’ entrepreneur, mother and the woman behind the podcast series ‘Ladies of Measure’. The eight part series features intimate and candid conversations with some of this country’s strongest, but often less ‘obvious’, female leaders.
Explaining her vision for the popular podcast which is now in its second series, she tells us, “Through life, I’ve been fortunate to always work with, and be surrounded by, inspirational women. I wanted to share the stories of women like them and use their journeys to help inspire others. I’m not talking about celebrities – real women walking the path of life just like the rest of us. It’s so easy to look at each other and think “she’s got it all – she’s successful and has her act together”, but it isn’t always so, and it isn’t always a battle easily won. I look at Maria Walsh, MEP, who was so open about her mission to find purpose in life – even though to the outside world she seemed to have such a perfect life. And Dr Bláthnaid Carlin who battled so hard to become a mum and endured so much pain. We all face adversity in life, and I feel as women, we need to do more to support each other. We all have our struggles, we’re all just winging it a lot of the time – and if this podcast can do just one thing to help someone else, it’s so worth it.”
So how did she choose her guests? “I’m lucky in that many chose me! I also wanted to chat to women who were willing to be open and honest – not afraid to show their vulnerabilities as well as their strength. Most of all, I wanted to connect with people through stories that would resonate. A friend living abroad listened to the series and said, “It was so lovely to hear your voice in my ear, it was like two friends chatting.” That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve.”
In the midst of a global pandemic, as a mother of three young kids, who has recently started a new company why did she decide to launch this podcast? “It was something I felt I had to do, and lockdown was the impetus I needed. My life has brought me on quite a journey, and in many ways it’s just the beginning. I started BrandAmp, a digital agency, in 2019, and that has brought its own challenges. Over the years I have learned and am learning so much, and I suppose I wanted to create a ‘forum’ to give something back. When I left my last job and started working for myself I told myself I had to do brave things, things that scared me. The podcast is a part of this.”
Explaining the key role lockdown played in the birth of Ladies of Measure, she tells us, “I wanted to create a space where women could take time out of the hectic juggling of working, home schooling, running the home, and connect with themselves. It was about, as Maria Walsh put it in my conversation with her, “gifting yourself time.” It’s so easy to forget how important that is. And I was doing that as much for myself as for those listening. I couldn’t have predicted the impact that it had though – so many people commenting and saying things like, ‘thank you, this was exactly what I needed to hear today’. Lockdown also gave us the gift of technology, like Zoom, which made the conversations so easy to do.”
Theresa has learned “so many” important lessons from the Ladies of Measure who have featured on the podcast. “I think what Mel Connors said in my discussion with her, really hit home. That our experiences ‘stack’. That everything that happens to us, good and bad, will shape and form us and we can gain strength from each one. She told me “we misunderstand adversity and the joy to be gained when we overcome it.” Once you accept that, you can look at what you can learn from a situation – however bad it may be. I also think I have realised more than ever the truth in the words ‘if we’re going to live in our own heads, let’s make it a nice place to be.’ As Maria Walsh put it, “I needed to get in touch with my head, my heart, my mouth – so that I could live with fulfilment.”
The bottom-line for her is, “As women, let’s talk, let’s hear one another, let’s be there. Let’s learn coping mechanisms from each other. Another strong theme that really resonates for me is that we shouldn’t try and minimise pain for one another, that it’s ok to be sad, grieve, feel let down, whatever. To help someone doesn’t have to mean we try and take that pain away. Sometimes they need to sit with it a while and find clarity of thought through the stillness.”
So, what’s next for Theresa? “My agency BrandAmp is growing, so lots of excitement and hard work there. And I’ve made the decision to do a second series of LOM. This time around I want to dig even deeper and talk to women who are ready to let their guard down and tackle the difficult questions. I’d love it if it could be a part of breaking down barriers around mental health. Guests for series 2 include Eimear Considine, Paula McClean, Senator Regina Doherty to name a few.” Series two of the podcast is now available on the usual apps, and for more check her website www.wearebrandamp.com

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