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Youth Council issues call to vote

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) has welcomed that 1,101 people in Clare have been added to the supplementary register in advance of tomorrow’s general election, and is calling on young people to ensure they cast their vote. The NYCI is the representative body for youth organisations with 1,400 staff and 40,000 volunteers who work with over 380,000 young people nationwide. James Doorley, NYCI deputy director, said, “The figures from the local authority indicate that 1,101 people in Clare added their names to the supplementary register before the February 9 deadline, which is to be welcomed. “Now, however, the focus must turn to getting out the vote. NYCI is encouraging 18 to 25 year olds in particular to make sure they make their voices heard tomorrow. We’ve been working to increase the number of young people on the register for the past number of referendums and elections, and we’re delighted that the local media have been supportive of our campaign this time round. This campaign, along with registration drives …

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Youth should vote

THE National Youth Council of Ireland has urged young people to register to vote ahead of next month’s referendums on the Seanad and on new Court of Appeal. “With just days left to register to vote, we would urge any young person who is 18 years of age on or before October 4 to apply for inclusion on the supplementary register. They can do so up until Tuesday, September 17,” said James Doorley, NYCI deputy director. The NYCI also highlighted the importance of fist-time voters making sure they are registered, as an estimated 50,000 young people are turning 18 in 2013.* Mr Doorley explained: “Not being on the register is a key reason why young people don’t vote, with many not even aware they have to register. In fact, a previous NYCI study found that 26% of 18-25 year olds were not registered to vote, rising to 36% among 18-21 year olds. “We strongly encourage young people to register and …

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