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Niamh after losing nearly six stone in weight.

Niamh watches six stone melt away

IF she ever feels tempted to dig into a packet of biscuits, Niamh McMahon heads upstairs and eyes a top, hanging loosely on the back of her bedroom door in Flagmount. When she was six stone heavier, she regularly pulled on this top. These days, Niamh and her husband, Seán, would fit into it but not into her size 12 to 14 tops that she wears now. “That’s the size I was. I wore it for Jamie’s communion three years ago. That’s what is keeping me motivated, looking at that. Every time I feel like I want to eat something, I go upstairs and look at the top,” the 40-year-old Tulla woman and mother-of-three confirmed. Her journey to losing six stones started in January 2014, when Niamh joined the Weight Watchers class at Maria Assumpta Hall in Ennis. Although she has reached her target, she is going to continue attending the classes for fear of slipping backwards. To maintain her …

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Niamh McMahon

Niamh’s Weightwatchers Diary

Don’t forget, Niamh’s reveal of her full makeover will be in this week’s Champion. On sale this Thursday.   Tuesday April 21st Breakfast 7:15 Two slices of Be Good bread with a banana and a green tea. Mid morning 10:00 A green tea and a yoghurt. Lunch 12:45 A tuna wrap with a side salad and an orange with a glass of water. Dinner 17:30 Home made chicken curry with loads of vegetables and wholemeal rice and a pint of water. Snack 20:00 A green tea and a Weightwatchers bar. Wednesday March 22nd Breakfast 7:15 Two crumpets with a teaspoon of Weightwatchers jam and a green tea. Mid morning 12:00 A coffee and two Weightwatchers ginger cookies. Lunch 14:00 A chicken salad wrap and side salad with a glass of water. Dinner 18:00 A baked potato with tuna and corn with side salad and a pint of water. Snack 20:00 A green tea. Thursday April 23rd Breakfast 7:15 Two poached …

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Niamh McMahon receives her Gold cert from Weightwatcher leader, Kathleen Shannon, after maintaining her goal weight for four weeks.

Niamh achieves her Weightwatchers goal

Tuesday April 14th Breakfast 7:15 30g of porridge with skimmed milk and water with a green tea. Mid morning 10:30 An orange and a few grapes with a glass of water. Lunch 13:00 Two slices of Be Good bread toasted with lettuce, onion, tomato and a slice of ham with a glass of water. Dinner 17:30 A scoop of mash with vegetables and half a breast of chicken with a pint of water. Snack 20:00 A green tea with a yoghurt. Wednesday April 15th Breakfast 7:15 Two crumpets with a teaspoon of Weightwatchers jam and a green tea. Mid morning 12:00 A coffee and a Weightwatchers cookie. Lunch 14:00 A wrap with chicken and salad and a side salad with a diet coke. Dinner 18:00 A bowl of home made vegetable soup with two slices of porridge bread and a glass of water. Snack 20:00 A green tea and a Weightwatchers bar. Thursday April 16th Breakfast 7:15 Two poached eggs …

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Gaining confidence, inch by inch

FOR the last few months, Mark Kearney has been drawing puzzled glances from people he meets on the streets, even from people he has known for years. He is close to unrecognisable from the man he was on St Patrick’s Day, after shedding almost 11 stone in the space of seven months. The weight loss came after a religiously-observed diet and the re-introduction of exercise into his life. When he started the weight loss programme in April, Mark, who lives in Ennis, was 25 stone and nine pounds but when he finished in early October, he was down to 14 stone and 11 pounds, a fairly appropriate weight for his 6’5 frame. It’s hardly surprising that he wasn’t satisfied with life at 25 stone and he says the weight was draining the positives from him in all sorts of ways. “Being that weight was affecting my whole life. Going in for interviews for jobs [he was then unemployed], it was …

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Sisters celebrate slimming success

A health scare prompted two North Clare sisters to shed 11 stone 11 pounds between them in just nine months. Ann O’Sullivan and Bernie Bennis, both from Ennistymon, joined Slimming World in Ennis last October after a trip to the doctor showed the toll Ann’s weight was having on her health. “Initially, I didn’t realise I had put on so much weight. I got a terrible shock when I stepped on the weighing scales on October 9. What happened was like everyone else, you get married, you are cooking, you are picking at food and my GP said it was time to do some bloods. We did the bloods and my cholesterol was just slightly over 5. That is how it happened. “I went back to get the results of my cholesterol and it had jumped to 6.4. So she gave me an ultimatum saying I had to either had to drop the weight or take the medication,” Ann recalled. …

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Anna Moroney

Killanena woman changes her life

IN 2011 Killanena woman Anna Moroney grabbed the bull by the horns and joined Weight Watchers to try to and do something about her weight. The 24-year-old teacher was then 21 and weighed 26 stone 25 pounds. Her decision to lose weight was arrived upon following an incident on a night out. “I was working at the time in New Look in Galway and I was out, enjoying myself and having a ball. My friends were chatting with a few guys and one of the guys pulled me aside and said to me ‘what are you doing to yourself?’ “I would have got comments before about being overweight and being a whale, hideous comments, some really horrific ones but they would always have bounced off and wouldn’t have any impact. But this guy, he was a total stranger, just got me in the gut and got me thinking, what am I doing with myself? He said ‘you seem lovely, you …

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