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Air taxi and cargo goals for ‘vertiport’ in Shannon

Drone cargo services and air taxis on unmanned flights part of plan for Ireland’s first such facility THE people planning Ireland’s first vertiport, in Shannon, are looking ahead to 2026’s Ryder Cup when unmanned flights could be ferrying passengers from the airport to Adare Manor. Air taxi services such as this are one near term goal for the facility, with extensive possiblilities also to be explored in the cargo distribution and delivery area. An agreement has been reached between Shannon Group and three other bodies to develop the passenger and cargo vertiport, which would be located adjacent to the airport. Shannon Group, Skyports, Future Mobility Campus Ireland and Avtrain all signed a memorandum of understanding on the project and are working to develop the facility by the end of next year. A long term goal is to establish the country’s first air taxi service. Explaining what a vertiport is, Julie Garland, CEO of Avtrain said, “It’s a bit like a …

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