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Small firms undervalued in Ireland

Small business often does not get the recognition it deserves because its contribution is based on thousands of smaller investments and jobs created every year rather than once-off ‘big bangs’. That’s according to AJ Noonan, chairman of the Small Firms Association (SFA). Much of Government policy is based on backing winners and attracting foreign multi-nationals, rather than creating an environment for more and more indigenous businesses to establish, create jobs, survive and succeed, he maintained at the launch of the “Vision for Small Business in Ireland” report. Mr Noonan challenged every citizen to do their part in making “Ireland – the most vibrant small business community in the world – supporting entrepreneurship, valuing small business and rewarding risk takers.” The SFA chairman released the findings of the SFA’s Summer Business Sentiment Survey, which shows that 60% of small businesses stated that their business is growing. Two-thirds deem the business environment to be improving generally, with 30% staying the same and …

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