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Barefield musician weaves together rich musical traditions

TRADITIONAL Irish music is something that comes naturally to Barefield native Ultan O’Brien. Like many young musicians of his generation, he is steeped in the various styles and the wide repertoire of the Banner County. However, in recent years, the acclaimed viola and fiddle player has been delving into traditions further afield, including those of Scotland, Finland and The Isle of Man. He is also bringing a fresh creative perspective to traditional material in a collaboration with singer Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin. It is a partnership which deepens the connection between the fiddle and the voice – sometimes compared to musical cousins. The duo recently released a debut album Solas an Lae, described as “a unique dialogue that blends raw, rugged earth with the ethereal otherworld”. Meanwhile, Ultan has just recorded a new album with the trio Slow Moving Clouds, who blend vocals and strings on a repertoire of original compositions, interlaced with Irish and Finish material. Growing up, Ultan was …

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