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Residents ‘concerned’ by surveyors’ actions

THERE was some concern last week after people working on surveying for the new Shannon flood relief scheme were seen taking photos of local houses. Councillor Donna McGettigan said, “A few people had said that they had seen people taking pictures of their houses. My Mum went out and asked them had they ID, they said they didn’t, and she said you really should have ID. I rang our Shannon MD office about it, because there are so many scams happening.” She said there had been some communication, but not everyone had been informed. “One resident sent me a letter that he received. There are letters going around, but not everybody received the letters and people are suspicious of these people taking pictures of their house.” She said people would be accepting if they were aware of the reasons. “If they knew what it was about it’d be okay, they’re not asking to come in or anything, but they are …

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