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Letting a light shine for fellow survivors of rape

“MY NAME is Martin Vernon and I’m a survivor of rape.” The words that the Ennis man spoke on RTÉ radio last month have had a huge resonance. Since the programme, Martin has had contact from all over the world, as well as many donations to a fundraiser he has organised for Rape Crisis Midwest. They have supported him in coming to terms with an attack he suffered more than 50 years ago. This year, the organisation is facing a sharp drop in funds and a steep rise in demand. At 15, Martin was groomed by two older men. He was invited to a party where he was drugged and raped. “It’s affected my life very badly in lots of ways that I’m sure are directly related,” he says.  Martin attempted twice to commit suicide and, in the past, had issues with gambling and alcohol. He likens the decades since the brutal attack to carrying around a sack of rocks. …

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Rape Crisis launch video campaign

The Rape Crisis Midwest has launched a powerful and thought provoking new video ad campaign entitled What Happens Next Matters. The video came to fruition after the Rape Crisis Centre (RCC) was approached by Cashmere Media Production Company, who offered their time, services and expertise for free, following their public funding appeal last year. Working collaboratively with Cashmere Media and Rape Crisis Network Ireland, the key messages they wanted to address became clear, acquaintance rape, consent and victim blaming. According to the National Rape Crisis Statistics Report 2013, 91% of perpetrators of rape were known to the victim. “Consent is a vital part of sexual relationships. It is paramount that enthusiastic consent be given before any and all sexual activity occurs between partners, but what the video also shows is that consent can be withdrawn at any time. Everyone has the right to change their mind and this choice should be respected,” said a spokesperson. Victim blaming and the stigma …

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Rape Crisis Midwest in Clare Announces Temporary Closure

One in four people have been subjected to some form of sexual violence, according to Rape Crisis Midwest – a service which offers support and help to the one in four affected by sexual violence in County Clare. However, due to the declining financial status of the charity organisation, which is used by 12 people every week in Clare, they will close their Ennis based service temporarily for the month of  September. Rape Crisis Midwest has had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close both its Clare and Tipperary services for the month of September as the charity faces a shortfall estimated to be in the region of €120,000. All services provided at the Tracklands Business Park, on Clonroadmore in Ennis will be cut for the month of September and will be reassessed based on whether the service can make up the shortfall through public support in the interim. A skeletal service will remain in Limerick for the month …

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