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Call for cemeteries to be more inclusive to other faiths

BURIAL grounds across Clare must be more inclusive of people of all faiths and religious beliefs, the council’s rural committee has been told. At a meeting of the Rural Development Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) this week, Anny Wise, a member of the Baha’i faith outlined her own family’s experience of the regulations. She said the existing bye-laws had resulted in items being repeatedly removed from the grave of her baby grandson. The family was eventually told by a local undertaker that their preference for a boundary around the burial plot was contrary to the rules on lawn cemeteries, where kerbing and surrounds are not allowed. Ms Wise’s comments followed the presentation of a review of the operation of burial grounds in Clare and led to an assurance from the rural directorate that the council’s policies are fully inclusive of all faiths and none. Ms Wise, who represents the environmental and conservation sectors on the SPC, was among the many members …

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