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Lots to recycle this Christmas

REPAK is hoping to exceed  its Christmas recycling targets, with the support of both the Irish public and its members. Repak estimates that Irish householders will generate approximately 74,000 tonnes of used packaging waste over Christmas (or 44 kilos of waste per household), and receive nearly 12 million Christmas gifts. Its 2,400 members have been hugely supportive of the programme and have helped to facilitate it success as Ireland continues to meet and exceed its targets. This Christmas, Repak asks the public to continue with its support of packaging recycling during the holiday season. Over the Christmas period, Irish households will consume: · Nearly 5 million boxes of chocolate: enough chocolate whose calories converted to kilowatt hours, would run 860,000 houses’ electricity for Christmas. · 48 million beer bottles – enough beer bottles to get from Dublin to Lapland and back over five times. · 22 million wine bottles – which would fill over 432 ice rinks. · 60 million …

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