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Ennis Nurse In Seattle Outlines Dramatic Impact of Covid-19

AS the baton of leadership was passed in the USA from Donal Trump to Joe Biden, an Ennis nursing working in the USA has questioned how many lives could have been saved if the former’s approach had been more like his successor. Analysing the 437,000 Covid-19 deaths in the USA, Caron McMahon pointed out that each state was given independent decision making power to determine the precise nature of lockdown. Some state governors, such as Texas and Georgia, didn’t strictly follow medical evidence and kept business, schools and church open, while Washington enforced a strict lockdown. It has been claimed that mixed messaging from the White House played a major role in the confusion. “If Trump had listened to the experts about the science and acted sooner, who knows how many of those 437,000 lives could have been saved. “President Joe Biden respects the science and recognises the importance of getting this disease under control,” says Carron. The Ennis nurse …

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