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Call for Ennis election poster zone

Election 2024 is already on the minds of Ennis councillors with a call being made for the creation of designated sites for the erection of election posters rather than having them on lampposts and other locations throughout the county capital. Councillor Mary Howard (FG) made the novel suggestion at a recent meeting of the Ennis Municipal District where she said specific sites for posters would encourage “responsible consumption, climate action and reducing the visual impact of posters, while also ensuring equity between new and existing candidates”. The council executive responded by stating a bill intending to regulate the placement of election posters and referendum material to “designated areas” chosen by local authorities has not been enacted. Councillor Howard recalled that back in 2019, sitting members of the Ennis Municipal District voluntarily agreed not to erect posters, however this agreement did not extend to incoming candidates. Councillor Howard described the move as a “very brave step” for the members of the …

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Political alliance to remove poster cable ties

GETTING rival political parties together to form a government has been proving difficult enough in recent weeks. However, calls are now being made for politicians to cross the divide and come together to tackle a real bind. And their common foe? Cable ties that have been left all over the county on poles after the removal of election posters. Councillor James Breen has led the call for something to be done to remove the ties, which he says are still visible all over the county. “I took down any one I ever put up when I ran for election. What action is being taken to ensure that these are removed?” he asked. Councillor Ann Norton agreed, adding that the issue of posters being left up by candidates and even election posters re-appearing in previously checked areas is also a concern. The Clare Champion reported last month that Councillor Mary Howard had reported that up to 200 of her election posters …

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Crusheen man wants billboard removed

A Crusheen man has gathered approximately 300 signatures to get a billboard on the southern outskirts of the village removed. Michael Hickey believes the billboard at the railway bridge is no longer relevant and that it is having a negative impact on the look of the village. “I was moved to start the petition after passing the billboard on foot with my kids and seeing the torn pieces of posters strewn all over the briars and gathered behind the stone wall at the foot of the billboard,” he said. The poster currently on the billboard is one advertising Clare County Council’s own ‘Respect the Banner’ anti-litter campaign. “It is a joke at the moment because there is an anti-litter poster on the billboard and there are lumps of torn poster up in the briars,” Mr Hickey added. A spokesperson for Clare County Council stated that a person had contacted the local authority in February regarding the billboard. “Their concern related …

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