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The law of attraction

When they got in touch with The Clare Champion last Wednesday, Faye Bradley and Marina Murphy had won 110 prizes in different competitions over the past year. By the time they called into our office on Thursday afternoon, they were up to 112 and later that day, it rose to 113. The figure was up to 114 by Monday. The Ennis-based couple believe their phenomenal winning run is down to their use of the Law of Attraction, a philosophy that has gained prominence over the last 12 years, particularly due to the film The Secret and the book of the same name. One of the couple’s favourite prizes to date was a VIP experience to celebrate the 30th birthday of the National Lottery, won by Marina. “I had put the National Lottery into my vision board, it’s like a board of things you want in your life and you put it up on your wall. Generally, the things on the …

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